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Splattered Paint

Art is Not Dead (the gala)

Fall Gala 2024

Details Coming Soon!


Couture & Dance

Imagine the after-party of an "Art History" themed Met Gala. You arrive dressed-to-impress to Easton's own celebration of couture and art history, where YOU are the Art. Walk the red carpet, stun the paparazzi, and dance till midnight with DJ Brad Scott in your most jaw-dropping art-inspired look. Because here in Easton, ART IS NOT DEAD!

What to Expect

And Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event?

Our Fall Gala at Bank St. Annex

The Fall Gala is the concept of Milan Stevens and Brad Scott Smith. Inspired by the dramatic themed fashion of the Met Gala, it's an opportunity for Easton to show themselves off while dancing the night away. The theme this year is inspired by Art History - Art is Not Dead.

What should I wear?

Fashion inspired by Art!

Let your imagination run wild! You've seen our Masquerade Ball, so imagine outfits from cocktail to black tie with a theme of art history. Check out some inspiration here - you can also get your face painted by the talented artist, Milan, from 7-9.

Are there costume contests?

You bet!!!

There will be three categories:

  • Best Art Interpretation

  • Best Fashion Couture

  • Best Celebrity Met Gala Lookalike 

What will be happening?

A night of dancing!

A night of fun and fashion.Be prepared to DANCE the night away with DJ Brad Scott. Expect to have some red carpet moments where you can show off your designer outfit, including a costume content. Enjoy art from local Easton artists, sweet treats (it is Halloween, after all), and more!

Is this a Halloween party?

Yes... and no.

It is Halloween weekend, so let's get dressed up! But we're taking our inspiration from the pages of Vogue magazine and the Met Gala, so keep the witch and zombie costumes at home. But - let your imagination run wild!

Will I be separated from my friends if I don't do the open bar ticket?

No way!

We are all sharing the same space for this event. You decide if you want the open bar ticket or not.


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